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I think this level is unbeatable!



  • Chic Chika

    your level 3683 seems to need fixed, because after I used an additional 900 then 1200 coins in a few times at least 1 day trying with many coins, still after the cup cake ran out, the remaining 2 cups out of the 4 cups of coffee requested were not there. i have used a lot of boosters try to remove the color one by one but the 2 cups didn't show up.


    and it seems necessary to add more limit level of players who want to join the group from 1500 to 2000 then 2500 and 3000.. because manor cafe level has reached 3000 up

  • Queen-of-Happiness

    I have the same problem Chic Chika.

    I clicked on the link for help and it says the page does not exist 


  • Ruth

    Same problem page doesn't exist. It looks to me like you need to buy a booster in order to defeat it

  • theovandervoort

    Level 7121 has a problem ,you need to get 24 orange squares to get , as you get rid all the orange squares they only add up to it only shows that you still need 8 squares which you can’t get because they are not there.

  • omar gonzalez

    I have problems with level 8592. I feel I need more movements


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